Oct 12 - I can’t believe I’ve been here for 21 years

I don’t care about alcohol or murder so I am wearing a cute birthday outfit today instead

Shout out to my Libraaaasss

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★ The Azume★Store has been updated! 

Updated my store’s stock after AWA! Here’s all the new charms (and Aoba lol).

Sorry if you wanted Hiccup+Toothless, they were actually sold out by the end of the con (woa h)!

(Still working on the buttons, counting those take a while @-@ )

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Back from AWA 2014!
It was fun! Nice meeting everyone.
Huge ♥THANK YOUto everyone who stopped by and bought from my table!!

I will do a real recap later , to tired right now.

But for real who pulled the fire alarm at like 1:00AM I missed One Piece you nerds

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Preview of some of the new charms I’ll have at AWA this weekend :U

The Kuroshitsuji and the Tokyo Ghoul ones are black acrylic!

The Donut Hole ones are friendship necklaces; The donuts actually have holes in them ^^

After the show I’ll be putting them up in the AzumeStore !

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★ Solo’s @ Anime Weekend Atlanta 2014!

Hey guys! I am at the Artist Alley next week at AWA! Table F-03!

I have brand new acrylic charms including Tokyo Ghoul, How to Train Your Dragon 2, Kuroshitsuji, and Vocaloid ("DONUT HOLE" themed necklaces!) and I have some newly redrawn Kagerou Daze button set ^^

If you like charms and buttons, or just wanna say hi, please stop by!

★ See everyone there! 

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New OC design for a contest.
He’s a zebrataur named Zebra and he plays the erhu :,D

dA version (with lil’ Bio): soloazume.deviantart.com

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aww yeah dragon types baby
Custom Hydreigon adopt for a commissioner~

I am still open for a few more customs btw cuc

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I felt like some ginjonkas so i drew some

Timestamp: 1407720600

Haikyuu OC for project OK RP on dA ;<;

Go go go west narumiiii 

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A new series of adopts that took 900 years to draw what the heck

[You can adopt em here]

Sigh I will do more later cause I still need cash… /tear

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