A new series of adopts that took 900 years to draw what the heck

[You can adopt em here]

Sigh I will do more later cause I still need cash… /tear

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I knew as soon as I posted that Chat Noir pic someone would go “NOT ME Im SPECIAL”
It was a 


Hello, yes, I am here for the hot cat boys in leather suits.

1 hour sketches of the only reason any of us are watching Ladybug tbh

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Commision wips..not even all of them…

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1/4 Open for adoption on dA: http://azume-adopts.deviantart.com/art/Culture-Blend-Adopts-JAPAN-vs-MEXICO-2-4-OPEN-462448202

Some new adopts. Based on a list of randomly generated countries - this one is Japan (Samurai) vs Mexico (Day of the Dead). They were really fun to draw ^o^

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Belial, 13! :D



u know Belial, lord of darkness, only wears black

its not a phase its who he is

The AzumeStore has been updated!

Whew okay, friends, got every new charm I made for Momocon up!

The leftover ones, anyways (Yato actually sold out he’d be so proud he’d cry)!

New Acrylic Charms:

Free! Bottle Sailor boys set, Kill la Kill set, Aoba + Ren from DMMD, goddess Opal from SU, still the best Teen Titans, and XJ9/Jenny bringing back a classic. ^^

They are all acrylic charms, available as both keychains AND phone charms! I also still have some Punkdoka and Daft Punk friendship necklaces left over as well.

wanna say thanks again to everyone that visited me and/or bought something from me at Momocon! I plan to go back next year, hopefully. But AWA and SukoshiCon are before then.

I’ll get all 100-something of my buttons up in the shop eventually oTL

See you there! 

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Home from Momocon!

I’m home eeyyy
SUPER DUPER BIG THANK to everyone who stopped by my table! I had fun meeting everyone!

also I think i caught a cold or maybe it’s allergies or something my throat has been killing me all day sobs

omg my buttons came today it took like 3 hours to organize all of them and I’m not even done yet fkskdskldsf

21 lbs of buttons yeaaa

Almost ready for Momocon!! *U*

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★ Hey guys! ★

I am finally making this thing ahhaah

Welp, i’ll be in the AA at Momocon 2014 this year >O<
Come visit me if you’re going!

I am at Table 17 along the back wall (just look for the zebra awning lol). My friend ValentineError will be right next to me at Table 16, so visit her too! >w<

I have over 100 different character buttons, 20 acrylic character charms including my Punkdoka set, some bookmarks, prints and other stuff! (Some of which I’ve uploaded here previously)

Of course, if you can’t come to Momocon, I will put any leftovers I have up in my shop
★ Thanks for reading ^p^ 

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