A fun style to draw. Charms/Button art for Momocon.

I am doing Rose and Opal+Sugilite as well, just later.

Fairy mom Pearl’s outfit is a mashup of her old and new one because I couldn’t decide sue me

They’ll be available at my store eventually. I guess.

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more gross iPad pictures taken at night under a dumb lamp
Photography school here i come

Close up previews of some of my new charms!

Bottle Haru, Mako and Nitori (in test packaging) from the re-done Free! bottle boys set (went for a sailor theme and got these cute little anchors to go with them), my robot girlfriend XJ9/Jenny (I got little metal hearts just for her), the Kill la Kill set (it took forever to find gold keychains let me tell u), and my four-armed birthstone goddess Opal (she comes with actual fake opal no i did not do her 80% for myself).

I am too weak to pry apart these rings omfg……

(On the Opal one, I can’t decide which gemstone I should use ughh I have a light pink one (actual Opal) (not rly but they force pink on October for some reason //tears)) and a dark purplish one…))

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New button drawing hell and that new acrylic charm smell

I redid the Free! bottle boys, did Yato from Noragami, XJ9/Jenny, Teen Titans, 4 KlK charms and some others. I’ll upload proper pics n stuff later.

For Momocon 2014 in May!! 

(As soon as I know anything more about it I’ll tell you guys hahaha)

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Uploading them together so I can get rid of the other ones!

This is the last one; I’m done with this thingy hooray!

Back to regular arts.


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wow that was pre uncalled for actually


Back to our irregularly scheduled artwork!

I got my new charms and I’ve actually been working on a lot of buttons and commissions too! Those should be coming up in the next month, all things willing. (ugh if i get one more presentation at school is2g)


★AzumeStore is updated with a new punkdoka charm - based madoka 8U

Oh and I have keychains now for those of you who want keychains instead of phone charms. And also these cool little dust plug things that you can use to attach a phone charm to any phone or tablet via the earphone jack. More info in the link above &u&

Oh yeah !! And Homura and Mami are back in stock! Thanks so much for buying them all last time haha >w<

I am prepping for Momocon guys :D *excite*

★Sold Out

reblogs again because everyone is sold out except Mami and Godokka :D
(well theres 1 more Kyouko, 2 more Sayaka + Homura and I re-ordered 6 Madoka but I am saving them for Momocon.

If there are any left I’ll put them up again, but I prob won’t reorder Kyouko or Sayaka so once they are gon they are prob gone forever…)

Also special 2-sided Godoka bookmarks are ordered.

Anyways, I just wanted to give a huge thanks to everyone who ordered one + reblogged my posts, and I really hope you guys enjoy them!!! ;c;

I’ll be updating with my brand new charms eventually hahaha I should be doing school essays rn tho

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All I wanna do…is see you turn into…a giant woman *intense guitar solo*


I am surprised I got this fucking color palette to work ugh hhh . This is Azotic Topaz (just call her Topaz)!!

I really kind of hope all gem fusions have four arms idk (her other gem is on her top (??) left hand).

Tourmaline is my gemsona, Citrine is my girl DeeJay’s !!

She can literally play one of those two-headed guitars I was like this close to making that her weapon but I controlled myself (an “axe” works just as well).

edit: added hair thingies cause ???

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Finished the charms on Sunday and got them ordered!

Didn’t include the Elite 4 charm, but I’ll post them after Momocon…

I loved KlK i am gonna miss it a lot sobs

I also did some Noragami, Steven Universe and some other charms for the show.
My flu is finally over hooray

Timestamp: 1396635000

My two new chibi adopt batches, $10/1000 DA points each.


I still need money for my artist alley table so I’m working hard ;c;

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The AzumeStore has some (sorta) new stuff ^^

The Matryoshka bags are officially up and the Daft Punk friendship necklaces are out! (better pics later)

And for the Punkdoka charms, there’s only one more Madoka!

I’ll be selling them at momocon 2014 as well C:

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